BC Government Chooses Nu-Air Enerboss for Retrofit Program

Victoria,  British Columbia

British Columbia has made a concerted effort to be known as Canada’s “greenest” province in terms of energy and nature conservation. In line with this goal, this past spring the BC provincial government issued a tender to retrofit over 600 units of its public housing stock to meet today’s energy performance and indoor air quality standards. This program will have the added benefit of decreasing the long-term tax burden from the maintenance and operation of these buildings.


The program will see the installation of better insulation, an overall tightening of the building envelopes and the installation of energy efficient heat pumps to supply the heating and cooling of these homes and apartments.  The Nu-Air Enerboss is being installed in the first 136 homes on this agenda and the Enerboss is the fan coil specified for the next stage. The Enerboss was the preferred product for this initiative because of the efficiency and space savings it offers, in addition to the ability to provide ventilation in homes that did not previously have this feature.


Now not only will the tax payers of British Columbia enjoy a reduced tax burden to run these buildings, but the occupants will enjoy the benefits of increased comfort and health benefits of better indoor air quality.

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