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Nu-Air 400C Chosen for Green Showcase Home

Toronto, Ontario
The winning design for the Archetype for a Sustainable House was announced in Toronto on June 21, 2008.

The Archetype for a Sustainable House competition was a design competition organized by the Toronto Region Conservation Authority (TRCA). The challenge was to build a sustainable single family home that demonstrated the best in environmentally sustainable design and would be a model for housing development in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and beyond. The winning design from Fort Architect, called “Building Blocks” (shown) is a completely modular duplex concept and is being built as a part of ‘The Living City Campus’ at the Kortright Centre for Conservation (also home to the World Green Building Council).


showcase house


Archetype House is open for public viewing, education functions and research projects. Meant to serve as a living, working example of the best in design, mechanical and building technologies, Archetype house has inspired people from all over the world to live more sustainably. Nu-Air is proud to have the 400C installed in Archetype House to demonstrate the best in heating, cooling and ventilation technologies.