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Nu-Air Included in the Solar Decathlon

Washington, DC

Nu-Air has been honoured to be HVAC equipment supplier for the following Solar Decathlon teams and congratulates them in their efforts and results:

-2007 University of Cincinatti (Enerboss EN400 Series)

 -2011 University of Massachusettes at Lowell (ES100)

-2011 University of Calgary (Enerboss EN400 Series)

Every two years in October , 20 universities from around the world participate in the third Solar Decathlon, a competition hosted by the U.S. Department of Energy and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, in which teams compete to design, build and operate the most efficient, totally solar-powered home.

The competition tasks the 20 qualifying teams with building an 800 square foot house that is both architecturally beautiful and technologically innovative. It also has to be marketable. Using no power source but the sun, teams have to run appliances, cook meals, take showers and drive an electric car. In 10 distinct contests, teams earn points to determine which house is the most attractive, innovative and efficient.

After building their houses locally, teams move the structures to Washington, D.C. in October to compete on the National Mall, where the houses are visited by hundreds of thousands of people.


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