Enerboss Integrated Air Handlers & Fan Coils


The award-winning Enerboss sets the standard in mechanical system comfort, efficiency and versatility. With features like quiet ECM fan technology, and optional integrated H/ERV, the Enerboss saves you money and mechanical room space--avaialble in hydronic and electic versions. Also available are the less-featured PCAH and ECAH air handlers which offer the choice of PSC or ECM fans, and the design to suit any space or dollar budget! 

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Compact, quiet, efficient, and cost-effective, Enerboss integrated fan coils are set to transform small and multi-unit residential construction. With these units, everybody wins: Designers can plan less complicated and costly mechanical systems,  Developers will pay less per square foot and offer move livable space to buyers,  Contractors can access a suite's mechanical system in one place,  Building Owners will not have to pay to condition pressurized hallways (i.e. the entire building), and Suite Owners will not have to endure  noise and odours from hallways, but will have complete control over their own comfort AND save hundreds of dollars per year from the same energy efficient features as the Enerboss EN Series.

NOTE (07, 2105): We are reviewing the 400C to make the world's best integrated VFCU even better so are currently not offering this product for pricing.