Did You Know

For every $100 you spend heating with a conventional fireplace, $35 of wasted energy is passing out your chimney!


With the IFP-45 you will get $96 of heat energy for every $100 you spend.

96% Efficient. That's right, 96%.

Super-Efficiency Integrated Fireplace


(Updated October, 2015) Certified, field-tested, and available mid-2016. Response to and interest in the IFP-45 has been tremendous, and we are grateful to all who have taken time to contact us about this revolutionary product. Nu-Air is currently examining strategies to ensure that we will meet demand and provide the support our customers expect and deserve after its release. The IFP-45 took nearly 7 years to develop, with 2 years of data-logged field testing, so we are used to taking our time to make sure we get things right, and the same careful approach will be taken in its launch. Until then, the IFP-45 is not available for distribution. We appreciate your patience and invite you to check back at this page periodically for updates or use our Contact tab to express your interest. We will then add you to our growing list of individuals whom we will contact directly when we are ready to go! 

Never in history has there been a more complete and efficient home comfort system than the Enerheat IFP-45. Certified both as a condensing gas furnace AND as a condensing gas fireplace, the IFP-45 delivers maximum value for your gas or propane dollar. These two appliances can be operated separately or together—it’s up to you! In addition, this remarkable appliance provides heat recovery ventilation to ensure your home is properly ventilated of air-borne household contaminants, providing clean, healthy air for your home. The IFP-45 can even be combined with an air conditioning split system to keep your home cool in the summer months!

Imagine, complete comfort for your family in an appliance the same size as a typical fireplace!