Every Nu-Air residential HRV and Enerboss core comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. If any Nu-Air HRV core develops a leak or is perforated due to corrosion resulting from normal use, Nu-Air will supply (FOB our plant) a replacement core at no charge.

Compare To Competition

Before you buy, compare Nu-Air to the competition. Nu-Air’s unique perspective, values and sizeable long-term investments in research and development have enabled it to build innovation into every aspect of every unit.


Nu-Air products are designed and built better. Period.

Mechanical engineers, builders and HVAC contractors recognize that the Enerboss, Nu-Air’s lead product line, is far superior to its nearest competitor because the fully integrated Enerboss unit:

  • is half the weight, reducing shipping costs;
  • has a smaller footprint, reducing space requirements;
  • is easier and simpler to install;
  • has a single quiet energy-efficient variable-speed fan and motor;
  • is more fully integrated;
  • can be tied into either conventional and/or high velocity ducting;
  • does not over-ventilate during calls for heat or cooling;
  • has a better warranty; and
  • can be serviced in minutes versus hours because it has fewer, more accessible, components.

Additionally, Nu-Air’s revolutionary units:

  • Reduce operating costs for homeowners, an advantage that developers are increasingly having to incorporate into their building designs and sales campaigns in order to be competitive;Enerboss - Casing Shown Open
  • Improve the productivity of HVAC contractors through a variety of design features that reduce on-site labour and simplify start-up.  This advantage is not to be under-estimated due to skilled labour shortages, and the frequent challenges and delays associated with on-site integration (e.g., additional training/familiarization requirements, missing components, etc.).  Additionally, mismatched components produce lower levels of energy efficiency; and
  • Reduce overall HVAC and HRV space requirements for developers, and with high-rise condominium building costs now reaching higher than $700 per square foot, developers and building design engineers are quickly realizing that Nu-Air’s units can pay for themselves before they are even installed and turned on.