Cost effective product design.
Quality build. Delivered on time.

Our Story

Nu-Air Ventilation Inc., established in 1992 and based in Windsor, Nova Scotia, has solid highly valued relationships with contractors, wholesalers, builders, developers, and homeowners.

The Company’s growth and reputation is based on a strong emphasis in research and development, high quality materials sourcing, and an established reputation for a quality build utilizing advanced fabrication equipment, resulting in economic, quality products. While Nu-Air is majority Canadian owned and all senior management are also shareholders, it has developed an international shareholder base as it has expanded its sales and distribution internationally.



Our design and engineering approach is focused on efficiency, robustness, and simplicity. To ensure a price competitive product, we source and incorporate best in class, cost-effective components acquired globally.



Our product, built by trained technicians, provides high-quality assembly which is focused on maintaining our established product reputation for problem free longevity.



We prioritize on time delivery as it is the one critical and essential element to our clients and customers, all of whom have come to simply expect our quality design and build.



Safety to us means, safe operation of our processes and equipment, carefully structured secure working areas, professional, experienced management of our capital and cash flow, and personal security in a positive environment free of intimidation and harassment.


Transparency, to us, means accountability and forthright openness in our relationships with our clients and with each other.


Partnership critically involves being personally responsible for, and accountable to our business partners to provide a constructive and professional working relationship.

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