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Lumina (NAV-561). Main Controller

Lumina (NAV-561). Main Controller

A full-featured main controller with flexibility for any lifestyle. The Lumina (p/n NAV-561) can be installed with our Win20 and ES-T1 timers.

  • 12 V DC
  • 4-wire connection
  • Backlit display with large interface keys
  • Modes: Off, Standby, Lo Speed Ventilation, High Speed Ventilation, 20/40 cycles Standby and Recirculation
  • Humidity control which can turned off at will
  • 20-40-60-minute timer
  • Service reminder
  • Compatible with residential and light commercial unit up to NU1600 equipped with “ES” generation control board
  • Check your ventilator manual for operation tips.
  • USE WITH: Win-20, or EST1, or NAV-460 timers
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