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NAV460. 20-40-60 Min. High Speed Timer (3-wire)

NAV460. 20-40-60 Min. High Speed Timer (3-wire)

NAV-460. 20-40-60 Min High Speed Timer

This push-button 20-40-60 minute high speed timer is suitable for most . It can be used with our lines of 24 V and 12 V DC main controllers, as well as 3rd party 24 V main controller methods.

  • 24 V AC
  • Convenient 3-wire connection
  • Single push-button used for toggling and activation
  • Modes: 20-40-60 minute high speed
  • Suitable for standard single and multi-switch wall boxes
  • Wall plate included
  • Compatible with residential and light commercial HRV and ERV, up the the NU1600, equipped with removable wire terminal blocks (refer to NAV-460 manual)
  • Note: not for use with ES-T1, Win-20, Win-20 Gang, Win-20-2 timers


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